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Moving AEN project between environments

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2017 02:34PM CST

Data Scientists create Anaconda Enterprise Notebook (AEN) Projects in their production environment. To move the projects between AEN environments without changing the integrity of the project, follow the steps:

1. Export the current project environment to a file from the AEN project Terminal using conda:
  conda env export --file env.yaml -n <env name>

2. Replace <env name> with the name of your current project environment.

3. Create a new project on the new node using the AEN web interface. Give the new project a different name.

4. Use conda to update the project environment to match the exported environment from step one above: In the new project, open the Terminal application and run:
  conda env update —-file env.yaml -n <new project env name>

NOTE: Replace <new project env name> with the name of your new project environment.

5. Copy the project files from the current project to the new project node. Copy the project files to the /tmp of some temporary directory. 

NOTE: Do not copy the files to the new project directory.

6. From the new project Terminal application, copy the project files from the tmp directory to the project directory. Using the project Terminal will ensure the files are set with the correct ACLs.

7. Test the new project and verify it is complete and works as expected. You can add team members to test the new project.

8. When the new project is fully configured and working as expected, use the AEN web interface to delete the old project.
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