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Windows Anaconda Install Path options

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 03:19PM CST

Anaconda installation on Windows gives you the following options to choose the location to install:

Option 1: "Just Me"(default)

This option installs Anaconda at C:\Users\username\Anaconda. It gives an independent installation of Anaconda that will not be connected to another user's Anaconda installation on the same system.

This is the recommended option as users can export and share their environments with other users for collaboration.

Option 2: "All Users"

This option installs Anaconda at C:\ProgramData\Anaconda, a directory protected by Windows security. It is a good option for a multi user system where you want to allow users to import python libraries and run python applications.

This option does not give write permissions by default so the users will not be able to install packages in the root environment. It allows an administrator to protect what is in the root environment. If packages are needed in the root environment you can elevate the privileges to administrator from the Command Prompt and run install commands.

Option 3: "All Users"

This is another option for all user installation. It installs Anaconda at C:\Anaconda, which is not a protected directory and can have write permissions set for users. This is a good option if your username has spaces in it, because the Anaconda installer cannot install in paths that contain spaces.

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