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Rebuilding a Project's Default Environment

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018 11:32AM CST
Installing new packages can change the versions of packages, and these may have different dependent versions in your project's default environment. If so, this can affect your default environment while working in a project on Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks.

To return to your original default environment of your project, do the following:

  1. Open the project and launch the Terminal application. Find the path of your default environment:
    conda info

    The path to the default environment looks like: /projects/username/myproject/envs/default

    Copy your default environment's PATH.

  2. Deactivate your default environment:
    source deactivate

  3. Remove the default environment:
    conda env remove -p < path to default env>

    NOTE: Replace <path to default env> with your actual path.
  4. Recreate your default environment by cloning and specifying the original path:
    conda create -p <path to default env> --clone root

    NOTE: Replace <path to default env> with your actual path.

  5. To check the recreated default environment, run:
    conda info -e

  6. Close the Terminal application and return to your project. Select "Compute Resource Config". On the top right under Conda Environment, you will see the default environment listed. It looks like: /projects/username/myproject/envs/default

  7. Click the "Set Project Environment" button. Your default environment is now back to the original state of when the project was created.
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