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Anaconda Enterprise Notebook system health checklist

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2017 02:56PM CST
Server Health:

Free disk space on each AEN compute nodes - 5 GB critical

  • Free disk on MongoDB partition
  • Free disk on /projects partition
  • Free disk on /opt/wakari partition

Free disk space on Anaconda Repository package drive - 5 GB critical

  • Free disk on MongoDB partition
  • Free disk in /tmp - for parcel creation and a small amount for templates and mirroring

Number of active processes - count by user and compute node

Number of stale processes - count by user

CPU/RAM availability - `free` and other zenoss, nagios and monitoring scripts

Software Health:

Query for services up and running - yes/no:

  • Anaconda repo - supervisord + processes
  • AEN server, gateway(s), compute(s) - supervisord + processes
  • MongoDB
    • mongo client works - run simple mongo client query - check return code
    • CPU/RAM chart of mongo process
  • ElasticSearch - AEN only
    • Verify ES is running
    • Do a local wget to ES to do a query as a functional test
  • Nginx
    • Verify process is running
    • Chart ram and cpu usage
    • Watch logs
    • HTTPs GET to static files

Functional Tests
  • conda install/create from a repo
  • Upload to a repo
  • HTTP GET on  Repo / AEN status pages - login page and a repo mirror page or user's page to make sure it exercises the DB on repo.

Log Watching:
  • MongoDB logs
  • ElasticSearch logs
  • Repo log - inside install directory
  • Nginx log in /var/log/nginx
  • Wakari-server logs including supervisord log
  • Wakari-gateway logs including supervisord log
  • Wakari-compute logs including supervisord log
    • System logs
    • User app logs
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